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  • Trump’s Lawyer Calls Hillary Clinton A Murderer In Batsh*t Crazy Tweet (TWEET)

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    Donald Trump cannot help but surround himself with people just as crazy as he is. Just as Trump has accused his biggest rival, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton of being “crooked” and lying about an endless list of false accusations, Trump’s own lawyer is following in his footsteps and the results are beyond ridiculous.

    On Tuesday morning, Michael Cohen – the executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump – posted an insane tweet that accused the former Secretary of State of murder and selling uranium to Russia. The image that accompanied the tweet was a photo of Clinton with these words above her:

    “I presided over $6 billion lost at the State Department, sold uranium to the Russians through my faux charity, illegally deleted public records and murdered an ambassador. Elect Me!”

    Cohen’s meme alone doesn’t point out the specific ambassador he’s accusing Clinton of killing, but he was probably inspired by the fact that the Republicans from the House Select Committee on Benghazi were releasing their report today and just couldn’t wait to attack Clinton. Shortly after Cohen tweeted this nonsense, the 800-page report was released, faulting the Obama Administration for the 2012 attacks that killed four Americans – including ambassador Chris Stevens.

    In posting that ridiculous meme, Cohen said, “This picture says it all!” and referred to Clinton as “Crooked Hillary” (Trump’s favorite nickname for her). He also claimed that Trump was beating Clinton in being viewed as “honest and straightforward” by voters and the issue of National Security.

    Here’s the tweet, below:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.09.33 AM

    The tweet may have gotten Cohen in a little bit of trouble – soon after his post hit social media, Cohen clarified in an email that “I am not part of the campaign and do not speak on behalf of Mr. Trump. My tweets are mine and mine alone.”

    One of the funny things about the meme is its mention of a “faux charity” – which is quite strange considering that Trump is facing a pretty expensive, high profile lawsuit that involves thousands of people thanks to his scammy, fraudulent Trump University. Trump is also facing criticism for some former promises he made regarding charity – he had run a benefit for veterans groups several months ago (and skipped a GOP debate to do so), and many of those organizations haven’t seen a dime of the millions of dollars he claimed to have raised. To make matters worse, the Trump campaign was caught lying about where the money had gone. So, it’s rather interesting that Cohen would try to attack Clinton on an issue that Trump is currently grappling with.

    Trump and his minions must be nervous now that Clinton has gotten quite the lead on him in the polls – and it definitely shows. The attacks on the former Secretary of State are becoming more ridiculous as time goes on, and Cohen has just proven that. The crazy thing is, these attacks are coming from a guy who has previously denied that marital rape exists, and has implied that people that protest at Trump’s rallies “deserve” to be beaten up – which are both things that Trump has past experience with. It’s no wonder that he’s Trump’s lawyer.

    Featured image via J.D. Pooley / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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