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  • WATCH: Trump Campaign’s Response To Losing Is Insane


    Michael Cohen of Donald Trump’s failing presidential campaign ran into a bit of a problem during an appearance on CNN on Wednesday. When anchor Brianna Keilar started discussing the recent shake-up in the leadership team of the Trump campaign, she acknowledged that the candidate is losing in every single reputable poll of the campaign.

    This threw Cohen for a loop. He yelled at the anchor, “SAYS WHO?!”

    As she cited more polling, he yelled it again.

    “Which polls?” Cohen asked.

    “All of them,” Keilar responded.

    Kudos to her for keeping a (mostly) straight face during the appearance. It is just the latest surreal moment thanks to the roster of strange surrogates Trump has deployed on his behalf on television. Most notable among that crew has tended to be campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson who recently blamed the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan on President Obama, who was not even in the Senate let alone the White House when those occurred.

    Despite their repeated strange moments, CNN has even hired some of the Trump apologists as part of their on-air commentary roster, including former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski who appears utterly incapable of ever criticizing his former boss.

    For his part, this isn’t the first time Cohen has made headlines during the campaign and probably isn’t even the worst. He is best known as the member of Trump’s inner circle who made the absurd allegation that a husband was incapable of sexually assaulting his wife. Cohen’s comments came in defense of Trump over a book that reported one such allegation against the reality TV star.

    It was the advance warning – months ago – that Trump and his army of supporters would do everything within their powers and abilities to avoid reality as they circle, cult-like, around Trump and his slow-motion train wreck of a campaign.

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