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  • This 87 Second Video PROVES Trump Is A Raging White Supremacist (VIDEO)


    Since the start of the Donald Trump’s campaign, many who oppose him have been trying to show how racist and horrible the now president is. All the evidence is there — from the DOJ suing him for denying property to people of color to his utter disdain for people with brown skin whether they’re from Latin America or the Middle East and Africa.

    You’d think people would see the obvious racism and hatred of ‘the other’ coming out of Trump at every turn, but as it would seem, many either agree with him, or turn a blind eye.

    Now, in a video put together by Huffington Post, it highlights not only clear racism, but his actual belief in white supremacy, which he codes as genetic supremacy, or rather, having good genes. It doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines, especially when he says things like:

    “All men are created equal? Well, it’s not true.”

    Trump apparently believes in the racehorse theory of putting together “superior” genes, where you can create “superior” people.

    And while some will scoff and say that this is just Trump being his typical narcissistic self, which is also true, this is clearly coded language that we need to all be aware of and wary of. Especially, when Trump says:

    “You know I’m proud to have that German blood. There’s no question about it.”

    He’s talking about supposed superior genetics. For goodness sake, people. Wake up. There’s a raging White Supremacist in the Oval Office.

    Remember, Trump is the guy who couldn’t believe our first Black president was born in the United States.

    Watch the 87 second video here:


    Featured Photo by Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images