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  • Iran Sends Trump A CHILLING Warning For Attacking Syria; Americans Should BEWARE (VIDEO/TWEETS)

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    The disaster Donald Trump created by attacking Syria last week continues to get worse. Not only has Russia given Trump a warning that the country will use military force if he attacks Bashar al-Assad again, but Iran has sent a warning far more chilling.

    Iran President Hassan Rouhani has accurately accused Trump of refusing to act ‘within international frameworks’ and slammed Trump’s missile strike of the Syrian airbase. Now, Rouhani is calling on Syria to retaliate and “make Americans regret their attack.” Rouhani said:

    “Americans have never acted within international frameworks, and one instance is the sanctions they impose against Iran, unreasonably considering themselves as the world’s leader. The Syrian people and army must give a response (to the US) that makes Americans regret their attack.”

    Rouhani has also slammed Trump and his administration on Twitter, and urged the rest of the world to reject “global lawlessness and instability”:

    These comments by Rouhani are coming right as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is promising that America will fight against anyone committing crimes against humanity. Before a Group of 7 meeting in Italy, Tillerson said:

    “We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world.”

    You can watch Rouhani slam America below:

    Let’s not forget that while all of this chaos is happening to our country and there is a real threat of war thanks to Trump’s recklessness, our undeserving POTUS is still hitting the golf course nearly every weekend.

    Trump has not only attacked former President Barack Obama for playing golf (even though Trump has played far more already), but he also advised Obama not to attack Syria in 2013. It looks like Trump should be following his own advice.

    Trump is putting America in an extremely dangerous, vulnerable position as the world turns against us. We can only hope that things don’t get worse.

    Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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