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  • A Top Member Of Trump’s Team Just Betrayed Him On National Television (VIDEO)

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    Just when you thought Donald Trump’s little minions were loyal to him, somebody proves you wrong.

    That someone is Nikki Haley, Trump’s US ambassador to the United Nation. While Trump is accepting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of meddling in the 2016 elections, Haley dropped a contradicting truth bomb!

    The Huffington Post reported that Haley confidently said that Russia was indeed the culprit behind the election interference. In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union”, set to air Sunday morning, Haley said,

    Everybody knows that Russia meddled in our elections. Everybody knows that they’re not just meddling in the United States’ election.

    According to a transcript released by CNN of the interview, Haley also said that Russia not only interfered in US elections, but they are sticking their noses in other governments around the world.

    They’re doing this across multiple continents, and they’re doing this in a way that they’re trying to cause chaos within the countries.

    Oh, Nikki,  most people in the world already know this. We are just waiting for the shi*t to hit the fan so everybody will stop playing stupid. Russia DID IT! How many more instances do we have to throw out there that clearly verify this?!

    Haley also added that she believes Trump’s convo with Putin during their meeting Friday went something like this…

    “One, he wanted him to basically look him in the eye, let him know that yes, we know you meddled in our elections. Yes, we know you did it, cut it out. And I think President Putin did exactly what we thought he would do, which is deny it. This is Russia trying to save face. And they can’t.”

    Meanwhile, Putin is walking around here happy because all he had to do was tell Trump ‘No’ and he was off the hook. But then again, they are in cahoots. So while we agree with you on Russia Nikki, Trump wasn’t helping the cause, he’s a part of the cause.  Check out a clip from the interview below.

    Featured image via Getty Images and Twitter