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  • Unsealed Court Docs Blow Up Russia Investigation, Trump Campaign Is SCREWED (DETAILS)

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    Things are really starting to heat up in Trump’s Russia investigation, and each day is looking worse and worse for Trump and his team.

    Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, had been indicted on tax fraud and money laundering charges, but that’s not all. According to federal court documents, Manafort had “three U.S. passports and MILLIONS in assets and ties to Russian oligarchs”, as Reuters reported.

    Federal prosecutors stated, in a filing Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, that Manafort and his campaign associate, Rick Gates, had a “history of deceptive and misleading conduct”, making them seem even more guilty among the evidence. Both men have pleaded not guilty to the 12-count indictment, which contained several charges from money laundering to “acting as unregistered agents of Ukraine’s former pro-Russian government.”

    These allegations are connected to activities ranging from 2006-2017, and although they are unrelated to the campaign activities of Manafort and Gates, it definitely makes the Trump campaign look suspicious as hell because they signify very close ties to Russia. These activities obviously overlap the work they were doing on Trump’s presidential campaign, which raises much concern and red flags.

    Currently, the two men have been forced to hand over their U.S. passports, and are under house arrest. There is current a $10 million bond for Manafort and a $5 million bond for Gates. The government’s memorandum stated:

    “Both defendants have substantial ties abroad, including in Ukraine, where both have spent time and have served as agents of its government. And both Manafort and Gates have connections to Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs, who have provided millions of dollars to Manafort and Gates.”

    The next hearing for this case will be held on Thursday, and we can expect that even more information is going to come out. Trump’s key campaign advisors are looking more and more guilty as the days pass, and it’s just a matter of time before Trump and everyone in the campaign is charged.

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