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  • Republican Former Nut Job Presidential Candidate Leaves Office Amid Turmoil And Controversy


    The state of New Jersey will be saying sayonara to fellow Republican nut-job and extremist Governor Chris Christie.

    Christie has officially resigned from his position, leaving Democrat Phil Murphy, who is a former Obama administration diplomat and businessman, to be sworn in as the new governor.

    In the days leading up to his departure, Christie has been incredibly unpopular, with his job approval rating in polls in the teens. The former presidential candidate who served as a one-time adviser to  President Donald Trump, has conservative views on taxes, opposes marijuana legalization, and fights bitterly with labor unions over public pensions and education spending.

    It is to be noted that Christie and Murphy are polar opposites.

    Murphy built his campaign around undoing the Trump administration’s efforts on health care, immigration and taxes. He promises to raise taxes on millionaires and legalize recreational marijuana, allies himself with unions and says he will increase pension payments and school aid.

    Although Christie won re-election in New Jersey overwhelmingly back in 2013 and became a Republican  hopeful for winning the presidency, his chances of ever becoming president drifted away after the George Washington Bridge scandal. And let’s not forget last years fourth of July weekend, when Christie’s low-stakes standoff  led to the shutdown of state government. However, Christie was photographed spending a day at the beach with his family. A completely empty state beach that was closed to everyone else because of the shutdown. As expected Christie received a huge amount of backlash. His own presidential run failed miserably and his popularity at home began to dip as he spent more time away from New Jersey.

    With Christie stepping down, this is really good news for Democrats. As ABC New pointed out: “New Jersey’s governor is among the most powerful in the country, with the authority to appoint judges, prosecutors and hundreds of other officials, and is often in the spotlight.”

    By having Murphy in office, we are finally able to take major leaps in regards to changing the government for the better.



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