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  • BREAKING: Another Trump Aide Is Called In Front Of Grand Jury, WH House In Uproar


    A former Trump adviser who worked with the mercurial candidate before his campaign even officially began has been subpoenaed by Robert Mueller’s special counsel as part of the ongoing investigation into Trump’s coordination with Russia to disrupt the American electoral process and in effect steal the presidency.

    But unlike other witnesses that Mueller has questioned conversationally, then subsequently called for a deposition under oath, Sam Nunberg is defiant: He says he is ready and willing to refuse the subpoena entirely.

    Nunberg, you may recall, was fired from the Trump campaign after prior statements he had made came to light — he made racist comments about Al Sharpton’s daughter in January 2007, and in February 2009, he called then-president Barack Obama a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser.” While those may be sentiments that Trump agrees with, publicly, he couldn’t have someone on his campaign who had said them out loud.

    Sam Nunberg is a natural witness for Mueller to call: He was sued for breach of confidentiality by Trump in July of 2016, after he gave a statement to the press that Trump hadn’t personally approved. That case was settled, but suspicions lingered that Nunberg was the “leaker” who started the rumor that fellow Trump staffers Hope Hicks and Corey Lewandowski were having an affair.

    Perhaps in an effort to avoid repeating that debacle, Nunberg made it clear that he intended to ignore the subpoena, saying “Let him arrest me. Mr. Mueller should understand I am not going in on Friday.” In an interview with the Washington Post, he said:

    “The Russians and Trump did not collude. Putin is too smart to collude with Donald Trump.”

    “I’m not spending 80 hours going over my emails with Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and producing them. Donald Trump won this election on his own. He campaigned his ass off. And there is nobody who hates him more than me.”

    Watch the MSNBC interview in which Nunberg confirms he won’t be complying with the subpoena:

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images