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  • Florida Just Put Up A Billboard For Trump That He Will Never Forget, Right Outside Of Mar-A-Lago

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    Donald Trump may soon have some new scenery to enjoy the next time he visits his Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reports, a giant billboard is scheduled to debut some time in March in West Palm Beach, FL just two miles from Trump’s estate.

    The sign, which will appear off of I-95 south, will read “Impeachment Now, Make America America Again!” like this screen capture from the Sentinel report’s video:

    The Democratic organization Mad Dog PAC is behind the sign. They are the same political action committee that put up a billboard in Pensacola calling the NRA a terrorist organization. Mad Dog PAC has a reputation for targeting Republican politicians across the U.S.

    WPEC spoke with Claude Taylor, founder of the PAC and former Hillary Clinton staffer, who argued that Trump should be impeached because he is “unfit, ill-prepared, and unstable.”

    According to the Miami Herald, The billboard is expected to run from March 19 to April 15.

    Several local Palm Beach business owners may be especially supportive of the billboard’s message. Iftach Shimonovitc, the owner of a local helicopter tour business, told ABC news that he loses up to $1000 a day whenever Trump visits (which is frequently).

    “The problem is, when the president comes in town, we can’t fly. They issue a flight restriction to the area and we cannot do any sightseeing operations,” Shimonovitc, owner of Southern Helicopters, told ABC News in an interview.

    “Eventually if [he visits] often enough, it could put us under,” said Shimonovitc, who said he hopes the president won’t visit the Palm Beach community as much this winter as he did last season.

    Amazingly, Shimonovitc says that he still considers himself a Trump supporter, even though he’s set to lose his livelihood thanks to his hero. Fortunately, the majority of Americans don’t think like this soon to be out-of-business pilot and will have an opportunity to send their own message to Trump and his Republican sycophants this November.

    Featured image via Pool/Getty Images

    Joe Clark

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