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  • White House Accidentally Just Implicated Trump In Russia Collusion And Trump Just Lost It

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    It is pretty obvious by now that Trump was aware and possibly had a role in the Russian meddling of the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections. However, despite being the fool he is, he wouldn’t confess to the same for fear of impeachment.

    During an interview with ABC host Jonathan Karl, White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah seemingly admitted that Trump was aware of the Russian interference during the elections. When Karl asked Shah during the show This Week whether the president would “keep his word” and testify prior to Robert Mueller’s inquiry, Shah said, “He also said that would be in consultation with his attorneys.” The statement could have meant a yes or no depending on the situation but the host reminded him that Trump promised “100 percent to me.”

    The next question was a tough one for the amateur deputy press secretary. Karl asked if White House counsel Don McGhan was ordered by the president to fire former FBI Director James Comey and subsequently lie about it. While this was a question many Americans want to be answered, Shah refused to reply.

    To this Karl said, “You can’t tell me if that’s not true.”

    Shah replied,

    “Let’s step back for a second. This investigation was about collusion with the Russian government between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. There’s been zero evidence after a year of investigation, that we’ve seen of actual collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.”

    The deputy press secretary went on to say,

    “The president, who would be aware of any types of efforts, has been pretty clear. Trump understands and knows that there’s no collusion. And so, as he has said, this investigation is everything from a hoax to a witch hunt. It’s not going to find any evidence of collusion.”


    Raj Shah, just like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has only one job and that’s to lie or make insensible statements to protect their president’s public image. However, Trump’s Twitter account and childish tweets say more about his state of mind than White House official communications.

    And when Trump realizes what his idiot spokesman has accidentally implied, you can expect that Twitter account to explode.

    Featured image via Zach Gibson/Bloomberg