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  • Stormy Daniels Just Dropped A Bombshell About How Trump’s Marriage Works; This Is Insane (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump

    The 60 Minutes interview that adult film star Stormy Daniels, the woman who exposed Donald Trump for having an affair with her while he was married to First Lady Melania, is going to be all people talk about for the next few days.

    In the interview, Daniels exposed Trump for several misdeeds and weird behaviors, from the $130,000 in hush money to the fact that he wanted to be spanked with a magazine that had his face on it. However, one of the most interesting and surprising revelations that came from the interview was something Daniels said about Trump and Melania’s marriage.

    The president’s marriage has been under scrutiny for a while. From the president’s misogynistic behavior and disrespect of his wife, sex scandals and affairs were hardly a surprise to Americans when Daniels came forward with her story. But Daniels was aware of the far more intimate details of Trump’s relationship with Melania, and she stated that Trump completely downplayed his marriage with Melania right after she had given birth to Barron. When Daniels ask Trump about his wife, Trump urged her on and told her that it was nothing and that he and Melania had “separate rooms.”

    This came to light after host Anderson Cooper asked Daniels, “Melania Trump had recently given birth to a son, just a few months before. Did he mention his wife or child at all in this?” Daniels response shows how truly selfish and heartless Trump is:

    “I asked. And he brushed it aside — said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, you know, don’t worry about that. We don’t even… we have separate rooms and stuff.’”

    The country has speculated about the strange nature of the Trumps’ marriage for a long time, as the two hardly have any of the chemistry and affection that former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama shared. However, based on Daniels’ testimony it appears that the Trumps have had marital problems far before the president’s sex scandals came to light.

    You can watch this part of the interview below:

    Featured image via Spencer Platt / Getty Images

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