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Romanian President Just Shut Trump Up In Front Of Reporters And His Face Was Priceless (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump held a joint conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, during a ‘working visit’ today.  This conference came right after the President’s press conference where he made statements regarding his former FBI director, James Comey.

So enough about Comey, this visit from President Iohannis brought up many issues including immigration, which is actually a hot topic right now. With the President singling out immigrants who were given a second chance by former President Barack Obama. According to gov’t docs, Trump’s  administration will reopen hundreds of the cases of illegal immigrants who had been given a reprieve from deportation.

During the conference, Trump was asked by a Romanian reporter if he talked Iohannis about immigration,

“Mr. President was there any discussion about the visa program from Romania, is there a time frame for including our country in this program?”

At that time Iohannis quickly answered ‘yes’, however, the President denied that it was discussed and tried to move on from the question. But, that when Iohannis clarified that it was discussed

“I mentioned this issue and I also mentioned it during other meetings because this is important for us, it’s important for Romanians who want to come to the United States. And you see, more and more people come, President Trump, to the U.S. from Romania. So the matter of Visa waiver would be discussed.”

The whole time the Romanian President spoke, Trump looked dumbfounded. That President was not about let Trump lie in the face of reporters. He held him accountable and Trump could not stand any moment of it. Check out the moment below.


Images via Twitter and Getty Images