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  • BREAKING: Former Federal Prosecutor Reveals Mueller Has Trump’s Tax Returns, He’s Freaking Out

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    According to former Federal Prosecutor Mimi Rocah, Special Investigator Robert Mueller has Trump’s highly sought-after tax returns. MSNBC interviewer Katy Tur asked the former prosecutor, “Do you think Robert Mueller has his tax returns?”

    Rocah answered, “Yes, I do. It’s one of the first things prosecutors look at. It takes a while to get them.” Trump has been unsurprisingly reticent to release his tax returns, but there is an almost universal desire to see the filings of one of the world’s shadiest businessmen. His returns are certain to hold any number of clues to his secretive behavior and fury at the prospect of them being looked into.

    The worry for the president now must be whether the returns get leaked to the public. During the presidential election campaign, Trump made several references to being happy to release his tax returns — but never actually did so, and clearly never actually had any intention to. His bravado was meant to put pressure on his opponent Hillary Clinton. That has now seemingly, like so many things that he’s mouthed off about, have come back to bite the loose-lipped president in the backside.

    Many onlookers will be excited at the idea of seeing Trump’s accounts. A well-known gambler, it is certain that there will be a lot contained within that Trump will not want to be made public. Here’s hoping that one of Trump’s many enemies in the Justice Department manages to lay their hands on a copy and leak it to the press for all to see.

    It will be interesting to see if Trump is anywhere near as lily-white as he makes himself out to be, though we are sure he is not. Trump’s constant attacks on “Crooked Hillary” were intended to destroy the reputation of the respected former first lady, but he may himself now be about to earn his own reputation for being “crooked.”

    Watching Trump squirm under the spotlight rather than him doing the pressuring will be a balm for America’s suffering under this White House.

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