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  • BREAKING: Trump’s EPA Chief Tricked White House In Order To Give Pay Raises To His Favorite Aides

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    Fact: Trump’s cabinet is full of swamp monsters, with fragrant biases which can hardly be ignored by some of the most devout Trump supporters.

    Scott Pruitt is the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, a bureau with the mission to mitigate the potentially damaging effects of untethered industrial work on our communities. He’s a swamp creature installed to dismantle the agency, and opposes environmental regulations, with the corporate lackey self-describing as a “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.”

    Pruitt’s newest scandal focuses on his attempt to bypass the White House to secure big salary raises for two of his aides with the help of an obscure provision.

    Bleeding Out The EPA

    In early March, Pruitt approached the White House so he could secure substantial pay raises for two of his closest aides: Millan Hupp and Sarah Greenwalt. Greenwalt worked as Pruitt’s general counsel in Oklahoma, who is now the EPA’s senior counsel. Hupp worked closely with Pruitt to groom him for the political stage, before she relocated to D.C. to become the EPA’s scheduling director. Pruitt requested that Greenwalt’s salary jump from $107,435 to $164,200, with Hupp’s salary increasing from $86,460 to $114,590, a 52 percent and 32 percent increase, respectively.

    The White House denied the request to increase Greenwalt’s and Hupp’s salary.

    Pruitt Secretes Mucus, Slimes His Way To A Pay Raise

    A provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act enables EPA administrators, like Pruitt, to hire up to 30 people without oversight from the White House. This provision was meant to expedite the onboarding process for environmental professionals. Pruitt used this provision to reappoint sidekicks Greenwalt and Hupp, enabling him to change contracts as he wishes. In less than two weeks, Pruitt was essentially able to rehire the aides and provide them with the increased salaries that he promised, doing so without congressional approval or oversight from the White House.

    The incident has supposedly circulated throughout the agency, enraging some of the staff, who were upset that Pruitt openly disrespected the EPA, and has also exposed a culture of favoritism. The salaries are also disproportionate as Hupp, in particularly, was making more than her predecessor, a five-year veteran of the EPA who was not even able to break into a six-figure income.

    Simply put, Pruitt is a corporate whore.

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