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  • BREAKING: Stormy Just Released Hidden Footage From Tell-All Interview, Everyone Is Speechless (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump

    As much as Donald Trump would love for his whole exposed affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels to disappear, Stormy and her lawyer are making it perfectly clear that Trump is not getting out of this scandal.

    Trump pretty much freaked out when he heard that Stormy was doing a tell-all interview on 60 minutes – the president and his shady legal team did everything they could to shut it down and failed. The interview revealed a ton of bombshell information about Trump’s affair with Stormy, which happened nearly right after First Lady Melania Trump gave birth to their son in 2006. However, the excitement eventually died down and Trump probably thought he was free. He just found out that he was terribly wrong.

    Stormy’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, just did an interview with Megyn Kelly and revealed that Stormy has WAY more to say about Trump and her affair. Avenatti revealed that Stormy’s 60 Minutes interview with host Anderson Cooper was shortened to take out most of the juicy, damaging details.

    Avenatti said:

    “When she sat for that interview, it actually lasted over two hours in length … the portion that the American public saw was only about 14 or 16 minutes. CBS, they’re a conservative network. There’s a lot of information that was said that did not make it into the final 60 Minutes piece.”

    And here’s the bombshell that nearly left host Megyn Kelly and the entire audience speechless:

    “For instance, she can describe the president’s genitalia in great detail, that did not make it into the piece.”

    While most of us are probably pretty happy that we didn’t have to suffer through the mental picture Stormy was painting, we can only imagine what else was hidden on the interview. You can watch Avenatti’s interview with Kelly below, with the juicy details starting at the 9-minute mark:

    Featured image via New Century Times Media Library

    Patti Colli

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