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  • BREAKING: Stormy’s Lawyer Deposing Trump, All Hell Breaking Loose (DETAILS)

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    After Donald Trump’s boneheaded pronouncement aboard Air Force One on Thursday that he was totally unaware of the hush money paid by his attorney Michael Cohen to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in relation to a non-disclosure agreement about their 2006 affair, it was clear that Daniels’ own lawyer, Michael Avenatti, was jubilant. He tweeted a near thank-you to the president for effectively winning their case against the NDA’s legally binding status:

    Then Avenatti appeared on MSNBC, and that’s when he made it perfectly clear just how happy he was about the turn of events. Speaking with Ari Melber on The Beat, Avenatti explained:

    “He’s effectively thrown Michael Cohen, now, under the bus. This is an undisciplined guy, who you know, he finally cracked. We knew he would crack eventually. We’d been patient, I’ve been waiting, and lo and behold, who would have thought that it would arrive on this Thursday on this glorious day in New York?”

    The attorney said he would be filing a motion to depose Donald Trump — under oath — on Monday. Whether a judge will grant the deposition is unknown, but highly likely, given the president’s ridiculously contradictory positions. So far, Trump has asked the American public to believe that he didn’t have sex with Stormy Daniels, but he’s suing her for violating an NDA about them having had the sex they didn’t have, to the tune of $20 million. Even though the “no sex” thing would mean there was no reason to keep her quiet.

    No wonder this was the first time Trump had even publicly acknowledged the scandal at all — he was destined to screw this up.

    Avenatti continued:

    “My understanding is that he denied a couple subsequent questions as to whether he has set up a fund from which this payment would be made or reimbursed. I find that quite interesting. And I find that certainly a topic that we’re going to explore in connection with his deposition, which we’re going to be making a petition for on Monday.”

    Watch the exchange here:

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