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  • John Kelly Tries Pathetic New Plan To Get Trump’s Attention, Turns WH Into Game Show (DETAILS)

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    Everyone knows how much Donald Trump loves watching controversy and fiery debates, whether it’s reality television or Fox News. Unfortunately, Trump’s love of television and his infamously short attention span has made it very difficult for White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, to get anything done — so Kelly has had to find ways to interest Trump as he would a child.

    Kelly’s job is not easy. Faced with the task of restructuring Trump’s highly dysfunctional White House so that things can actually get done, he also constantly needs to find new ways to keep the attention of a president who just wants to run off to the golf course, binge on Fox News, or tweet for days at a time. One of Kelly’s plans have just been revealed, and it will make you upset to know that things have actually gotten THIS bad.

    Using the fact that Trump loves discourse to his advantage, Kelly has actually created a game in the West Wing called “policy time” in order to get Trump’s attention. According to the Washington Post, “policy time” is a daily event where Trump gets to watch his advisors fight over a policy issue. As Trump’s advisors argue their viewpoints in front of him, Kelly believes this will somehow help Trump stay on task and help him make decisions about policies.

    Unfortunately, Kelly’s game was shortly ruined by the president himself. The Post reported:

    “But about a month into Kelly’s tenure, Trump began to chafe at the strictures. The president invited staff and Cabinet secretaries into the Oval Office without scheduled appointments and called friends and advisers late at night, without Kelly’s sign-off. An early sign of trouble came when Trump polled confidants about his enforcer: ‘What do you think of Kelly? How’s Kelly doing?’ the president asked.”

    So despite all the effort Kelly has put into getting Trump to make decisions based on the expert advice of his own team, Trump has basically shunned Kelly’s game by still calling on his buddies outside the White House for advice. As a result of Trump’s breach of “policy time,” Kelly has become increasingly unhappy with the president.

    Recently, Kelly told advisers, “I’m out of here, guys” as he needed to leave early one day to “decompress.” Trump is wearing Kelly down fast and making the chief of staff feel his efforts are useless. If Kelly resigns, Trump is screwed — and it looks like Kelly is closer to leaving every day.

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