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  • Here’s How Trump Found Out About The Cohen Raid; It’s The Least Presidential Way Ever (VIDEO)

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    Once again, Donald Trump has been exposed for not doing any work and spending full afternoons in the White House glued to the television.

    Earlier today, Trump suffered the shock of his longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, being raided by the FBI over the $130,000 payment Cohen had given to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about her affair with Trump. Cohen’s raid could be awful for Trump’s hopes of getting out of this sex scandal alive, as well as any connection to Russian meddling by his presidential campaign. But if you were worried that this news might somehow distract Trump from performing his presidential duties, have no fear — Trump wasn’t working anyway.

    CNN reports that Trump was, predictably, watching cable news when this story about Cohen was reported — and all hell broke loose after that. White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny said:

    “I‘m told this afternoon the president was watching news coverage of this happening in the residence of the White House and now in the West Wing.”

    Zeleny stated that Trump had been told about Cohen being raided before the rest of America found out, but he had no idea it was going to happen — and he likely found most of the details out by watching television. This has shaken Trump to the core because Cohen is “essentially a family member,” according to Zeleny. Zeleny also reported that Trump and Cohen were probably in touch immediately after the raid took place as Trump continued to binge-watch coverage of the raid.

    In Trump’s own comments, the president suggested that it was the news reports that tipped him off to what was happening with his lawyer. Trump also went off on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, stating that his own Attorney General had made a “huge mistake” during part of his meltdown. Zeleny warned that there was going to be more because Trump can’t just look away:

    “This is captivating the president’s time and attention and also likely to spark anger from him. This is signed off by the Department of Justice and [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein.”

    You can watch the report below:

    Featured image via screen capture

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