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  • Trump Just Responded To Cohen Raid, Shows The World This Has Pushed Him Over The Edge (TWEETS)

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    Trump’s entire world is crumbling around him at the moment, and he just can’t seem to contain himself any longer.

    As news keeps exploding out of the major outlets today regarding the FBI raid on Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and the evidence produced from that raid, it appears that Trump has gotten more and more paranoid and, frankly, scared of the consequences.

    A normal president might calmly refer questions to White House counsel, or even tell reporters hungry for a comment about the developments that there is no comment at this time. But after a lifetime in entertainment and reality television, that’s not a language that Trump even speaks anymore.

    Trump is currently meeting with his military commanders about the situation in Syria following both the chemical attack that killed and injured dozens of civilians, largely believed to be carried out by the Assad regime, and Russia’s warning to Trump os “most serious consequences” should he respond militarily in the war-torn region.

    But he can’t even think about Syria while he knows that his text messages with his lawyer are now in federal custody, and that the exemption to the attorney/client privilege that would normally shield those messages from investigators’ eyes is in fact “crime-fraud,” the very thing that Cohen is being charged with — meaning that essentially everything seized in the Cohen raid will be admissible in court.

    Clearly it’s triggered panic mode.

    Trump is now, in front of his generals, discussing firing Robert Mueller — a move that even Republicans have indicated would be the beginning of the end for Trump:

    Calling the raid a “disgrace,” Trump has now lashed out once again at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself in the first place, since he believes Mueller would never have been appointed. And he’s reaching even further into his bag of desperation, even bringing up the “acid-washed” emails supposedly deleted by Hillary Clinton (which of course, have been recovered):

    This is Trump’s worst day of 2018 by far, and it could get a lot worse if he doesn’t shut his mouth.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images