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  • BREAKING: White House In Disarray After Trump’s Homeland Security Adviser Resigns (DETAILS)

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    Turnover strikes again inside the Trump administration on Tuesday, as the White House has announced that Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert is resigning. This is according to an Associated Press release — there is a shortage of coverage so far of the resignation, but it comes as no surprise, given the position and the absolute chaos in the West Wing right now.

    Tom Bossert, the 7th-named Homeland Security Adviser since the department was created during the Bush administration, is a former (Republican) member of the House of Representatives, as well as a number of government positions. Ironically, Trump’s pick of Bossert for DHS marked a return to that specific department for the 43-year-old security consultant — he held the deputy position under Bush and was the wingman to Tom Ridge, the original agency pick in the role Bossert just resigned from.

    His predecessor, of course, was the guy who came up with the ridiculous color-coded terror alert system.

    Upon his appointment, Trump announced that Bossert’s role would be equal in status and importance to that of national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Bossert, along with the rest of America, watched Flynn crumble under the weight of his own lies, pleading guilty to fabricating statements to federal agents.

    It must have been hard for Bossert to watch his close counterpart spiral out of government — and possibly his own freedom — in such a spectacular way. Perhaps after the events of Monday, after which the president began to completely melt down over the Mueller investigation, Bossert himself decided that the ship he was on until today was not worth going down with.

    All of this, of course, leaves Trump with yet another vacancy. At this point, the nation simply has no way to gauge whether Trump himself will even be around long enough to replace Bossert.

    Let’s hope not.

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