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  • BREAKING: Trump Finds A Way To Limit Mueller, Considers Firing AG Rosenstein

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    In the wake of yesterday’s unannounced raid on the offices of his personal attorney Michael Cohen, Donald Trump is now seeking any way he can possibly think of to do damage control. Considering the fact that the FBI is now in possession of a trove of information between the president and his lawyer, it may be that Trump is far too late for any such move.

    But in true Trump fashion, he apparently has put the option of firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein back on the table in order to somehow put a binder around the radius inside which Robert Mueller, who has been acting this entire time on the authority of Rosenstein, can move.

    Trump knows that to fire Mueller directly would be suicide for his political career, and in the near term, even for his presidency, as short-lived as it seems to look lately.

    After the raid, Trump unexpectedly broke down in front of reporters and his military leaders, interrupting a security meeting with his generals about the pressing issue of Syria in order to go on a rant about “witch hunts,” Hillary Clinton, and of course his perceived folly of Trump-appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions having recused himself from the Russia investigation in the first place.

    According to CNN, Trump’s legal advisers believe that they have successfully made the public believe that the FBI is “tainted,” an ironic turn of events for Trump supporters who otherwise are quick to defend law enforcement in any and all situations — except if they are pursuing Trump — but a case they believe they can make about Rosenstein as well.

    The raid on Cohen’s office had nothing to do with the Russia investigation in the end: Agents were seeking information on potentially illegal payments made to two adult stars who have claimed to have had affairs with Trump, and the impetus for the raid was signed off on by the federal attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York, from the Manhattan branch of their public corruption unit.

    In the end, it may not even make a difference other than in terms of optics for Trump whether or not he fires Rosenstein or any other high-level operative he feels is responsible for his current woes, since anyone who replaces Rosenstein or even Sessions himself could potentially prove to be at least as honorable as those in power now and follow the same path laid out for Mueller by Rosenstein to begin with.

    Watch the video with CNN’s Erin Burnett here:

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