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  • Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Just Made Trump Look Like A Fool, Schools Him On Attorney-Client Privilege

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    Early Tuesday morning, the Groper-in-Chief took to Twitter to vent about the no-knock raid on his attorney, Michael Cohen’s, offices. Once again, he proves that he’s completely clueless about the laws of the land, tweeting that “Attorney-client privilege is dead!”

    He followed that up with one of his favorite claims, that the FBI investigation into his affairs is a “TOTAL WITCH HUNT!”

    I’m sure no one was surprised that Trump is complaining, but one of the responses he received is pretty surprising! Not long after Trump posted his tweets, George Conway, husband of presidential suck up Kellyanne Conway, who also happens to be a lawyer, took to Twitter and completely schooled Trump on attorney-client privilege.

    The link he provided in his tweet takes you directly to the Justice Department’s website which reads as follows:

    There are occasions when effective law enforcement may require the issuance of a search warrant for the premises of an attorney who is a subject of an investigation, and who also is or may be engaged in the practice of law on behalf of clients.

    In order to avoid impinging on valid attorney-client relationships, prosecutors are expected to take the least intrusive approach consistent with vigorous and effective law enforcement when evidence is sought from an attorney actively engaged in the practice of law.

    George Conway has always claimed to support Donald Trump, but this seems like a pretty blatant and public “f*ck you” to the idiot so-called “president” and it’s not the first time Conway has been critical.

    According to The Hill:

    Conway had retweeted several posts that appeared critical or mocking of Trump, including one that insinuated that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s payment to Stormy Daniels, an adult film star who alleges a past affair with Trump, constituted an illegally unreported campaign donation.

    Another now-deleted retweet of a former Obama administration associate counsel commented on reports that Trump required White House staff to sign nondisclosure agreements, CNN reported.

    Trump didn’t respond to Conway’s tweet, but you know he had to have seen it and can’t be happy about it. I wish we could all be there to witness his total meltdown. Kellyanne is probably hiding under her desk right about now!

    Featured image via Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images