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  • REPORT: Trump’s Recent Hate Towards Putin Is Fake, Will Give Major Heads Up To Russia Before Striking

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    Despite Donald Trump’s fiery rhetoric toward Russia over the Syrian crisis — as well as his ostensible threats to strike Syria either “very soon or not so soon at all” following their chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma — it’s clear that he still expects adoration and thanks for his world-saving activities and beneficent overlord behavior:

    But could it be that Trump actually wants thanks from Russia themselves for something entirely different?

    Although Trump strenuously denied “telegraphing” his intentions before the missile strike last April in Shayrat, Syria, insisting that the US had not sought any approval from Moscow for his actions at the time, it was widely reported that the Pentagon had sent plenty of warning to Putin and his Kremlin apparatus.

    In fact, Russia fully expects the same thing this time around — regardless of Trump’s blustery tweets.

    According to Russian publication Kommersant, in fact, Putin isn’t just anticipating a heads up from Trump — quite apart from all the talk of “get ready, Russia” and return chatter of shooting down missiles — he’s also tracking US destroyers and has ground forces at the ready. The report indicates that Russia has already informed the Pentagon of “consequences” should any of their assets come under fire:

    This disturbing report, honestly, is good news — it reduces the likelihood of global thermonuclear war at the hands of either an American or a Russian madman.

    But it shows once again that Trump’s rhetoric is one big show, not in any way real or genuine, but an act that he’s putting on to look tough.

    Just like he’s done his whole life.

    Featured image via Getty Images/composite