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  • Trump’s Having A Meltdown AGAIN Due To Cohen FBI Raid; His Behavior Has Reached New Levels Of Crazy

    Donald Trump

    This whole FBI raid on the offices of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, is really starting to make the president fall apart. Continuing to act like a con artist who is incredibly guilty and has everything to lose, Trump is reportedly so angry that Cohen was raided that he’s been spending nearly all his time eating, binge-watching television, or brooding around the White House.

    While the idea of Trump not getting any work done is not a new concept for the lazy tweeter in chief, things have progressed to an entirely new level. Trump is in full “meltdown” mode now, which was triggered by the Cohen raid on Monday. On Tuesday, Trump was losing his mind on Twitter as he yelled, “Attorney–client privilege is dead! ” He also tweeted this short but psychotic message shortly after: “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!! ”

    Several sources close to the president have come forward and told The New York Times that the raid is behind Trump’s recent “meltdown”, clearly stressed out about details over the $130,000 hush payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about their affair.

    Sources also stated that Trump was in a terrible mood days before this raid as well. Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller signed off on the raid, Trump did nothing over the weekend except for binge-watch Fox News, shovel food into his mouth at the Trump International Hotel, and whine about how unsupported he was. After watching a particularly upsetting segment on Fox News about the uprising against him, Trump had reportedly told his advisors he wanted to fire all Department of Justice officials who were against him – one of them being Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    Clearly, Trump is near the end of his rope. Trump’s eating and binge-watching habits have never been healthy, but this is an entirely new level of harmful behavior. Trump isn’t doing any work and he’s incapable of pulling himself out of it. Mueller is closing in, and it’s just going to get worse for the president.

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    Patti Colli

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