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  • BREAKING: White House Orders Trump To Fire Rosenstein; Sh*t Just Hit The Fan

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    President Donald Trump’s White House is going full-on rogue on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the Department of Justice official overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

    On Thursday, Trump invited Rosenstein to the White House for a meeting, discussing an outstanding document requests from Congress — a front-and-center complaint among some Republican lawmakers and Trump allies who have been clamoring for Rosenstein’s firing.

    As special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump approaches further into the President’s inner circle, his allies outside the White House are ramping up their efforts both to defend him and to encourage a tougher stance against a probe they claim has dramatically overstepped its bounds.

    In an effort to build a case against Rosenstein, multiple White House associates are now urging Trump to attack Rosenstein in T.V. appearances to make it seem as though he “isn’t meddling in the Russian probe,” but merely “offering an input,” according to a report released by Wall Street Journal.  This move would then perpetuate a probable cause to fire Rosenstein, so the White House says.

    One person who spoke to the president this week told WSJ that Rosenstein’s ouster is “a matter of when, not if.”

    Firing Rosenstein or Mueller himself could inject new turbulence into Trump’s presidency. Legal experts and even some Republicans have said it could prompt a constitutional crisis — not to mention it would almost certainly derail policy efforts as Trump works to enact his agenda ahead of congressional elections in November.

    The fact that the White House is encouraging this firing would signal that they are actively participating in obstruction of justice, just like Trump. As departures are becoming more common than not within this White House, it would be no surprise if Rosenstein was ousted in the next upcoming week.

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