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  • Trump Just Had A Call With Cohen That Could Make Their Legal Problems Even Worse (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump may have just made his legal issues even worse when he called his lawyer Michael Cohen to “check-in” on him. This call was after the lawyer’s offices had been raided by the FBI on Monday. The raid also included his personal residences. The reason for the call is unclear, but it is important for them to have no discussions while there is an ongoing investigation between client and lawyer.

    According to a report in the New York Times, a warrant was granted to the Southern District of New York to search Cohen’s premises. They also concluded that Cohen was “under criminal investigation.” The call from the president came around the time that Cohen was already trying to get to federal court to block the FBI from assessing what they had seized from his properties.

    The desperation of Cohen to block the FBI from reviewing the seized documentation made it almost obvious that there is something there that he would prefer they did not see. As Trump’s most trusted legal adviser, Cohen is privy to the inner workings of the Trump empire and no doubt the keeper of some significant information that could do the president some significant harm.  Seemingly, the most logical conclusion is that the president was trying to find out if there was anything that was about to incriminate him in the seized documentation.

    With a dark history like Trump’s, it’s obvious that his most trusted legal adviser would be holding some information that Trump would like to keep out of the public eye. Indeed his first concern is most likely the non-disclosure agreement that is currently gagging adult movie star “Stormy Daniels.” The whole affair has the potential to kill off the presidency and the president’s marriage, and he will try everything in his power to stop that information from coming to light. Or, perhaps he is worried about the even darker potential of Cohen holding information that may be the missing link to Moscow. There’s no doubt that Trump’s call was not a friendly chat, and more likely a desperate call to find out the potential fallout.

    Photo by Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images