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  • Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Just Reminded Trump How Much He Sucks In The Most Brutal Way (IMAGE)

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    Between the many scandals, his personal lawyer being raided by the FBI, and the fact that Robert Mueller isn’t giving up, Donald Trump is having the worst time of his life — and it’s only being made worse by Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

    Ever since Daniels came forward about her affair with Trump and exposed the president and his lawyer for the $130,000 in hush money, Trump has been at the mercy of Avenatti and Daniels as they take turns making his life hell. Recently, Avenatti has taken to attacking Trump every chance he gets. Recently, Avenatti mocked him in a tweet that accused Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, of organizing a protest against Daniels. In doing so, Avenatti found the perfect way to insult Trump, a man who is fixated more on his ratings and crowd sizes than anything else.

    Earlier today, Avenatti tweeted a picture of pro-Trump protesters in Florida who had organized to protest Daniels’ claims about Trump. The kicker is that there were only 4 people at the protest! Avenatti tweeted:

    “The ‘fixer’ Mr. Cohen (aka the real Ray Donovan) organized a protest – BIGLY – in Florida last night against my client. As usual, his execution was flawless. #impressive.”

    Avenatti tweeted that message with a picture attached, proving that only four people showed up to defend Trump. It really doesn’t get more pathetic than this:

    Thanks to the FBI raids, Cohen and Trump have had a horrible week — and Avenatti just made it a lot worse! Stormy’s lawyer has continued to dominate the lawsuit and make sure Trump and Cohen stay buried in negative news coverage. Earlier today, Avenatti claims that Cohen has several hush agreements in the “double digits” where he has tried to cover up Trump’s sex scandals. Avenatti also warned that Cohen is at risk for more raids on CNN. He said:

    “I will tell you, these raids that occurred on Monday, they’re not the last raids. I know that for a fact.There are other raids that are contemplated. I anticipate them coming within the next week.”

    Looks like the president and his lawyer aren’t getting out of this one.

    Featured image via Getty Images

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