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  • Press Sec Just Blatantly Lied To The Country With A Single Photo, Americans Ask For Her Resignation

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    It’s one thing for the Press Secretary for Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to lie to America during a briefing, as she’s done a thousand times at this point. We know that it’s part of her job to “catapult the propaganda,” as George W. Bush might have put it, and so the things that she says in her always-hostile press briefings usually line up with whatever the president has bumbled his way through that day, true or not.

    It’s another thing entirely for her to take the time to craft a lie — easily debunked, of course — that she puts on public display on Twitter. She’s tried it before, and America didn’t let her live it down then, so it’s hard to understand why she would do it again… But here we are.

    On Saturday evening, in an effort to project the forcefulness and resolve of this administration, Sarah Sanders attempted to recreate the sort of gravitas that former official White House photographer Pete Souza did 7 years ago with Situation Room, a photo that he took of Barack Obama and his team gathered in the namesake of the title as the raid on Osama bin Laden was carried out.

    Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images

    But she did it while simultaneously trying to call Obama weak, by comparing Trump’s decision-making on Syria to Obama’s “failure” to act on the same Syrian dictator crossing a “red line” he had drawn over the use of chemical weapons:

    Of course, there is no context to Sanders and even Trump trying to taunt Obama over that red line: Obama did make a military decision, but he did it legally and took it to Congress for authorization to strike the country. That authorization never came. If the Trump administration really wanted to find fault in not having blasted the war-torn country at the time, they should take it up with the hostile Republican Congress Obama was forced to work with.

    More importantly, Sanders’ picture and tweet are a lie — the photo she shared isn’t of the time she claims it is, and it’s relatively easy to prove. Referring to the last time that Sanders lied really obviously on Twitter, CNN’s Ana Navarro mentioned Sanders’ holiday tweet in which she pretended to have personally baked a pie that she tweeted a stock photo of, only this time, to point out Sanders’ grave error in this tweet:

    The photo that Sanders tweeted couldn’t possibly have been of the time that Sarah was claiming, because Vice President Mike Pence was out of the country. It may have been of some briefing that Trump took on Syria, but it certainly wasn’t a picture of Friday night, as she claimed.

    Are you one of the thousands of Americans who are now calling for Sarah Sanders to resign over her insult to the nation’s collective intelligence? This tweet calling for it alone has thousands of responses in the affirmative to that question:

    As always, the tweets in our articles are clickable, so feel free to add your voice to the conversation. Tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders we won’t be lied to like children!

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images