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  • Audience Responds With Boos After Trump Calls Out Entire Minority Group During Latest Speech (VIDEO)

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    US President Donald Trump has once again gotten himself into hot water over racist comments he has made, and this time he was much more blatant than usual.

    At a rally in Hialeah, Florida, just an hour from his so-called “Winter White House” at Mar-a-Lago, Trump blurted out the racist idiocy:

    “Hispanics! Are there are any Hispanics in the room? No. I doubt it.”

    It didn’t sound even a tiny bit out of place at a Donald Trump rally. The crowd was overjoyed at the opportunity to boo “Hispanics” and cheer for their hero.

    Trump obviously feels that he can say whatever he wants when he wants. His off-the-chain antics are indicative of someone who feels that they cannot be contained. The amateur president revels in his notoriety and spends as much time as possible rubbing it in the face of his opponents who are much more contained.

    Trump is no stranger to racism — his whole campaign was a thinly veiled call to the Alt-Right and racists around the country, who he used to get him into the White House on a wave of ultra-nationalism and palpable levels of a racist undercurrent that while he didn’t speak it himself, he certainly didn’t distance himself from. This attack will no doubt once again endear the loudmouth president to his precious “base” and make them love him more than ever.

    The mindless sycophants that prop Trump up will love this racist crap — it is the reason that he does it. America still has a too-easy relationship with racism, which is alive and well, and thriving in the era of Trump. In the South, there have even been talks of re-segregating schools. And who can forget the events of Charlottesville? All of this has drawn almost no condemnation whatsoever from the most divisive president in US history. Surely we cannot expect anything to change — with the rest of the world turned against him, Trump needs his base more than ever.

    For over a year now America has had to put up with a closet racist for a president. At least he’s being honest about his disgusting bigotry now.

    Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images