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  • BREAKING: Federal Judge Just Told Manafort To F*ck Himself Over Latest Lawsuit (DETAILS)

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    U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson has reportedly tossed out the civil case brought by Paul Manafort, in which he argued special counsel Robert Mueller exceeded the scope of his investigation.

    In a 24-page court ruling filed Friday, the federal judge wrote:

    “Since it is not clear at this point what actions, if any, the Special Counsel will take with respect to Manafort, and whether those future actions will be subject to attack for the same reasons set forth in the complaint, prudential considerations weigh against hearing an action to prohibit them now.”

    She continued:

    “It is a sound and well-established principle that a court should not exercise its equitable powers to interfere with or enjoin an ongoing criminal investigation when the defendant will have the opportunity to challenge any defect in the prosecution in the trial court or on direct appeal. Therefore, the Court finds that this civil complaint must be dismissed.

    Back in January, Manafort argued in his civil suit that “the Acting Attorney General’s order directing the Special Counsel to investigate certain matters exceeds the authority provided by the Department of Justice’s Special Counsel regulations.”

    He also claimed the indictment against him in Washington “exceed[ed] the Special Counsel’s authority under the Acting Attorney General’s order.”

    Jackson noted that Manafort has also filed a similar motion in the criminal case she is overseeing, arguing that the order Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued last May appointing Mueller was overbroad and that Mueller has exceeded even that capacious mandate.

    Jackson stated:

    “Because Manafort is currently a defendant in a pending criminal case before the Court, he has been granted the opportunity to bring a motion challenging his prosecution, and he has already exercised that right by filing a motion advancing the very concerns set forth in the instant complaint,” the judge wrote. “If the Court grants Manafort’s motion to dismiss the indictment in the criminal case on the grounds that the Appointment Order exceeded the Acting Attorney General’s authority, Manafort will have achieved the primary objective of this lawsuit: the issuance of an order to that effect…….His concerns regarding the Special Counsel’s investigation will be taken up in the criminal case.”

    It is crucial that we have more federal judges like Jackson because dismissing Manafort’s case was the right call. Essentially, the case was nothing but a desperate “Hail Mary” from a crook trying everything he can to stay out of prison. Justice will be served and every single one of Trump’s goons will be tossed behind bars as Mueller continues his investigation.

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