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  • German Chancellor Just Took Down Trump Right In Front Of Him; It’s Pure Perfection (VIDEO)

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    After Donald Trump embarrassed our nation in front of world leaders at NATO HQ, German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to give Trump a taste of his own medicine by calling him out right in front of his face.

    Let’s recap: one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was that he would build a wall along the southern border of the United States and ensured that Mexico would pay for it. Yeah, that ship sank after he realized that being President is too much of a task for his tiny brain to handle and a move like that is going to take more than his weak chant of “who’s gonna pay for it? Mexico!” Yet, Trump is still trying to hold onto his “promise.” With that in mind, Angela Merkel spoke in front of a fragment of the Berlin Wall, which she said, “embodies the history that — during the Cold War — has left its mark on NATO for many decades.”

    She spoke of the importance of tearing down walls and joining forces to work together, taking a major dig at Trump since that is the complete opposite of what he wants.

    Watch the video, here:

    Props to Ms. Merkel for shining some light on this issue. The German Chancellor embodies a true leader –maybe she can give our poor excuse of a president some lessons.



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