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  • Rudy Giuliani Just Gave An Insane TMZ Interview On Trump’s Indictment, White House Shocked (VIDEO)

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    It’s hard to think that Donald Trump could possibly regret bringing Rudy Giuliani on to his legal team any more than he already does, but the former NYC mayor has just created another PR nightmare for the president.

    Earlier today, Giuliani gave a bizarre interview to a TMZ reporter while walking through an airport — and it contains several things that a lawyer should probably never say about their client. In the interview, Giuliani actually said that there’s nothing Trump could do that would get him indicted — not even if he shot someone.

    In the exchange, TMZ’s reporter approached Giuliani and brought up Trump’s shocking campaign brag that he could shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue in New York and still have his fanbase. The reporter asked Giuliani if that logic also applied to Trump being indicted. Giuliani was more than happy to answer this, much to the horror of everyone in the White House:

    “He’s not going to do that, that’s obviously just a metaphor.”

    “In order to indict a president, first you have to impeach him. Then when he’s out of office, then he can be indicted for anything anybody else can.”

    When the reporter asked Giuliani if he was suggesting that Trump was above the law, Giuliani said that he wasn’t (although we all know Trump thinks he’s untouchable), and explained that it simply meant Trump needed to be impeached before an indictment could be an option. Giuliani said:

    “The law in this case is impeachment.”

    You can watch Giuliani walk and talk below, all while making Trump look even more terrible for hiring him:

    Giuliani has already caused so many PR and legal headaches for Trump, we can’t help but wonder how long it will be before Trump fires him.

    Featured image via screen capture

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