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  • BREAKING: Jared Kushner’s Business Receives Billion Dollar Bailout From Qatari Gov In Bribery Scandal

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    Has anyone noticed that Jared Kushner still has his high-ranking White House job, despite the fact that he lost even what limited security clearance he previously had, since he could not successfully obtain a permanent security clearance? That seems odd to me.

    After all, Kushner is tasked with a pretty full schedule of jobs that, um, require a security clearance to even begin, let alone carry out. There are people who work under Jared Kushner who can’t tell him certain things because their clearance is higher than his. Legally, of course — we all know the Trump administration pays no attention to what is legal or not when it comes to what they actually do in practice.

    No, Jared has that job still because he is the president’s son-in-law, simple as that. But why couldn’t he get the clearance?

    It turns out he just has too many fingers in too many pies, and has repeatedly conflated political positions with the interests of his family’s real estate ventures. For example, Kushner Companies owns the tower at 666 5th Avenue in Manhattan — or rather, partially owns — and is on the hook for just over a billion dollars to satisfy the mortgage when it is due in full next February.

    So Kushner sent his own father, Charles, almost immediately after Trump’s inauguration to secure a loan from an unlikely source: The Qatar Investment Authority, whose CEO and one of their prominent investors you just saw in a video released by Michael Avenatti implicating Trump’s personal lawyer in pay for play. That investor is Ahmed al-Rumaihi, and he bragged about having bribed members of the Trump administration in return for favors for his country and access to President Trump.

    That loan never came. The Kushners were furious.

    By December of that same year, Trump himself had loudly announced that the country of Qatar was funding terrorism and one of the world’s “main sponsors” of “radical Islamist ideology.” Imagine that — a sudden shift in US policy toward a country that had just rejected a request for money from the president’s son-in-law.

    That sure looks like pay-for-play, the kind of thing that gets your stripped of a security clearance.

    But wait, you’re thinking — Didn’t Donald Trump just host the Emir of Qatar at the White House, and call him “honorable” and totally not mention terrorism at all? Oh, that’s right — it’s because Qatar has mysteriously decided to reconsider their decision to bail out the Kushners, as reported yesterday in the New York Times.

    So yeah. Definitely pay-for-play. And at the heart of it all, the man who “forgot” enough disclosures on his clearance applications that he had to re-file nearly 40 times before being ultimately shot down by the FBI in his quest to be a government bigwig.

    At the end of the Russia investigation, when Trump is being hauled away for conspiring with a foreign government to upend our democracy, I get the distinct feeling that Jared Kushner might just spend as much time behind bars as his dirty father-in-law.

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