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  • NBA Superstar Was Confronted By Trump Supporter During Game; What He Did Next Is EPIC

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    Recently, a Donald Trump supporter got served a tall glass of humiliation on national TV when he begged the NBA’s most famous superstar for a souvenir towel.

    Following a dominating performance against the Boston Celtics on Saturday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Lebron James had a very awkward interaction with an eager front row fan after the game. James was urged to throw his game towel into the crowd and cameras captured the eyes of a fan wearing a red MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat light up as it appeared the NBA great was poised to toss the prized sweaty towel right to him.

    But alas, James apparently had other plans for his towel.

    Take a look.

    In response to this video, numerous Trump fans rushed to slam James’ snub of one of their red hat-wearing ilk. Trump snowflakes flurried their frustrations at the NBA player.

    However, most other tweeters had a slightly different take on the incident.

    To be fair, it’s unclear if Lebron even saw the guy in the MAGA hat, some say he could have been throwing the towel towards someone else. However, it strange that a professional basketball player would throw a towel, presumably to a person just a few feet away, and completely miss his target.

    And let’s be clear. MAGA hat wearing Trump fans know exactly what emotions they want to provoke when they wear those hats. They know these hats are worn and endorsed by white supremacists, and they wear them as a counter-culture symbol of defiance, which is their right. But they have no right to expect people to treat them nicely when they advertise their support for the most ignorant and bigoted president in American history.

    And besides, conservatives shouldn’t beg for free stuff anyway. Right?

    Featured image via YouTube

    Joe Clark

    I'm originally from Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans; now living North Texas. I'm a reformed "South Park Conservative" who has grown passionate about progressive issues like social justice, education, criminal justice reform, gun control, ending the war on drugs, and economic inequality. I believe America's a stronger nation when we come together as one to find a solution and humble ourselves enough to consider other points of view from our neighbors around the world. I don't believe in American exceptionalism, but I do believe America can only be an exceptional place as long as we can be brutally honest about its strengths and weaknesses.