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  • Trump Shocks Audience, Makes Desperate Cry For Help From His Job During White House Ceremony (VIDEO)

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    On Monday, after what must have seemed like yet another interminable weekend for Trump and his team, another feel-good ceremony for the White House was long overdue. With constant talk about witch hunts and Russia and fielding questions about things that your lawyers have accidentally admitted to, Donald Trump was desperate for a distraction.

    Today’s was a White House reception for Martin Truex, Jr, who was representing the Furniture Row Racing Team after winning the 2017 NACAR Cup Series title. A ceremony for a NASCAR winner is somewhat less of a sketchy situation for the president, who has already weathered the rejection of professional football, baseball, and basketball players over their invitations to the White House to be “honored” by Trump. NASCAR is widely-known as a popular sport among Trump supporters, and Truex himself was an early supporter of Trump’s campaign.

    But early in the ceremony, Trump made a joke that likely sounded familiar to Truex — we can’t imagine how many fans have asked to drive his car — but coming from him, sounded sad in a really fundamental way. Trump does his best to never sound defeated, but when he made his “joke,” it was uncomfortable at best:

    “Martin, I have to say your car looks truly amazing. Fact, I want to get in that thing and just drive it right away, do you mind?”

    As he spoke, he looked wistfully at the car, and we imagine what might have been going through his mind as he dreamed of getting in Truex’s championship Camry, revving the engine, and just peeling out — leaving the Mueller investigation, the porn star lawsuits, the looming threat of the world finding out what the FBI knew about his campaign in 2016, and yet another wife behind.

    In fact, we’re not so sure we’d mind.

    Unfortunately, Trump did no such thing and instead completed the ceremony, replete with jabs at black football players who have protested police brutality, more terrible jokes, and an awkward, stilted narration of Truex’s path to victory last year.

    Please, Donnie — feel free to borrow MY car. Drive as far away as you like.

    Featured image via screen capture