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  • BREAKING: FBI Informant During Trump Campaign Just Revealed (DETAILS)

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    For what seems like forever now, Donald Trump has barely been able to tweet about anything besides the FBI informant he is convinced was “embedded” in his campaign in 2016 for political purposes.

    Ignoring for a moment the fact that it’s ridiculous to believe a political operative would infiltrate the Trump campaign ostensibly to dig up dirt in preparation for some sort of “October Surprise” to derail Trump’s effort to become president, then completely neglect to actually release the damning information that they uncovered while inside. After all, the things we’ve found out since the time that Trump is concerned about — at least 3 illicit meetings between campaign officials and foreign government emissaries to throw the election in Trump’s favor — should have been more than enough to counter the FBI report about Hillary Clinton’s email server.

    On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that it knew the identity of the informant who made contact with the Trump campaign and reported to the FBI, along with multiple other news outlets, presumably as a result of the release of the information from Republicans involved in the House investigation who are determined to help Trump discredit the FBI and any non-partisan investigation.

    The revelation came despite the fact that many lawmakers and essentially everyone in the intelligence community warned that it could have serious legal and security issues attached.

    But much to the president’s and his allies in the House’s chagrin, even this backfired on them — the informant was yet another Republican, rather than a Democrat, who clearly values their country over their party.

    Stefan A. Halper, a Cambridge University professor emeritus, was identified as the secret informant for the FBI “inside” the Trump campaign.

    Despite Trump’s insistence that the informant had “infiltrated” his team, there is no evidence that Halper ever made it into Trump’s inner circle. Halper is a veteran of the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations, having worked as an adviser to Nixon and chief of staff to his successor. In the Reagan administration, Halper made it all the way to deputy assistant Secretary of State.

    Compounding the bad news for the Trump narrative, the 73-year-old Halper became an informant for the FBI after they obtained evidence of “suspicious contacts” between Team Trump and the Russian government — before the Steele Dossier was ever revealed, which demolishes the argument that there was no basis for the investigation.

    Every day this becomes a little more like a spy movie.

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