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  • Michael Avenatti Just Made Major Announcement Regarding Next Steps In Case Against Trump

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    Everybody wants to know when Donald Trump is finally going to go down for what can only be described as a whole new level of the kind of “high crimes and misdemeanors” that get you impeached, arrested, indicted — whatever ends up happening to that criminal in the end.

    But almost in parallel to that demand for justice, a curiosity about what case is going to bring him down has been growing in America. After all, it’s hard to overstate how frustrating it is that we don’t know many of the details of Robert Mueller’s investigation and the juicy details we’ve come to relish in the OTHER investigation — you know, that one that centers on his idiotic attempt to cover up an affair with an adult film star — have done nicely to quench that demand.

    And behind those details has been a brand new star in America, one Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for the woman who is arguably now the world’s most famous porn star.

    With his hashtag catchphrase “Basta” — anyone happen to see that on Jeopardy! on Wednesday evening? — and his almost casual data dumps that invariably implicate a bigwig on Team Trump doing something that was previously unknown, Avenatti would look as natural to his fans in the sharp suits he wears as he would in a cape.

    So when Michael Avenatti tweets, people want to read it. It’s not just those of us following the case(s) against Trump, either. The lawyer tweeted Wednesday morning:

    In the time that his account was “locked” to new subscribers, Avenatti tweeted about Columbus Nova, the massive payments made to Trump’s personal lawyer by Ukraine for access to the president, and even noted the Fox News has gone from asking why he’s on TV so much to asking why he’s not on TV enough.

    Now, after a tremendous outcry from the public, Avenatti has opened his Twitter account back up to the public, and he’s promising a lot more, according to AP reporter Mike Balsamo:

    And Avenatti himself remarked, upon learning that Trump was going to be “interviewed” on Fox & Friends Thursday morning:

    We can’t wait.

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