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  • Mueller Finally Releases Direct Statement To Trump Over Probe, He’s Going To Sh*t His Pants (VIDEO)

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    Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been especially quiet lately, which is understandable considering the burden he has been forced to undertake while investigating our so-called “president,” but Thursday night, he released a statement about the Trump/Russia investigation, and it’s pretty scary. (If you’re Trump, that is…).

    MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reports that an “obscure court filing” last night gave us a glimpse of how intense this investigation is and how much Trump has to fear, even though his allies claim it’s nothing to be concerned about, as they make fools out of him at the same time.

    Mike Pence said on camera:

    In the interest of the country, I think it’s time to ‘wrap it up!’ And added that it’s time for Mueller and his ‘team’ to bring this to completion.

    Outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan echoed Pence’s sentiments stating:

    It’s been a year… my guess is that he’s coming to a conclusion.

    But tonight, Robert Mueller spoke for himself and released a document that will bring Pence, Paul Ryan, the entire GOP and especially former reality star, Donald Trump, to their knees!

    Mueller himself stated that this was a very “intricate” situation, meaning that there is a LOT more than what meets the eye.

    Chris Hayes has Mueller’s response:

    Mueller’s office has already brought charges against 22 individuals and entities, but he stated in his filing that even those cases aren’t closed.

    In other words, while Mueller’s investigation is ongoing, Trump will be under even more scrutiny as those involved, or already indicted, are expected to start spilling the beans.

    As much as we, and probably the rest of the WORLD want this to be over, we have to be patient because Robert Mueller has a plan. Mueller wouldn’t have released this statement tonight if he didn’t want Trump to see it, and we have to trust that there’s a very good reason for that.

    Trump is probably sh*tting himself right now.

    Watch the full report here:

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