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  • Republican Goes Off The Rails In Commencement Speech, Trashes Trump At Harvard (VIDEO)


    Donald Trump’s presidency has become such a failure that even Republicans are turning against him.

    One of the more critical GOPers, Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, has never been shy to speak up against Trump and now that he is retiring, he’s holding nothing back. Flake recently gave a commencement speech to the graduates of Harvard Law School and used it as an opportunity to bash Trump and every Republican who refuses to keep the unhinged president in check.

    Flake said:

    “Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly bottomless appetite for destruction and division and only a passing familiarity with how the Constitution works. And our Article I branch of government, the Congress, is utterly supine in the face of the moral vandalism that flows from the White House daily.”

    Instead of filling graduates with false hopes and promises, Flake decided to give them a reality check about the world they are living in thanks to Trump’s swamp:

    “All is not well. We have a sickness of the spirit. This is it, if you have been wondering what the bottom looks like. This is what it looks like when you stress-test all of the institutions that undergird our constitutional democracy, at the same time. You could say that we are witnesses to history, and if it were possible to divorce ourselves from the obvious tragedy of this debacle, I suppose that might even be interesting, from an academic perspective. The way some rare diseases are interesting to medical researchers.”

    You can watch Flake’s speech below:

    For a conservative to give his party and its president such a critical review is surprising, but maybe it’s what his colleagues need to hear.

    Featured image is a screen capture

    Patti Colli

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