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  • BREAKING: Senate Majority Leader Busted At Trump Tower As Cohen Met With Russians

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    As news comes out today that Michael Cohen was actually in Trump Tower with the exact Russian oligarch that he’s been connected to through illegal access and backchannel payments, as seen in footage from the C-SPAN Trump Tower Cam, it turns out that he wasn’t the only person there that day who presence raised some eyebrows.

    Aside from Cohen, it’s hard to imagine who else might have had the kind of access to the president that would precipitate a meeting at Trump Tower prior to the inauguration, unless that person was pretty high up on the food chain.

    So when Michael Cohen was caught meeting on January 9th, 2017 with Viktor Vekselberg, the biggest client of the company Columbus Nova, who paid Cohen hundreds of thousands of dollars for access to Donald Trump, odds were good that people would start looking at additional footage from the Trump Cam from that day.

    In fact, C-SPAN keeps a pretty good archive of the Trump Tower Cam footage, and although the sound leaves something to be desired, that didn’t stop yours truly from going through the tape looking for other major players who might have attended “meetings” at Trump Tower the day that Vekselberg was in attendance.

    Let’s see if you find anyone in this video that you recognize:

    That’s right, it’s our old pal Yertle McTurtle Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader.

    What on earth is Mitch doing at Trump Tower while access to the United States President is being quietly sold on an upper floor of the tower that McConnell is about to go up the elevator in? That’s an excellent question, especially given Mitch’s sudden and vocal support, following the Gang of Eight briefing on the Russia investigation, for Mueller to continue his work for the Department of Justice.

    Maybe I’ll have another look at that footage and see who else we can find.

    Featured image via New Century Times Gallery